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  • The ClaudiaG BOX

Get the fabulous ClaudiaG BOX every month, a selection of designs with a combined retail value of $200+.  BOX Shipping is FREE in the U.S.

  • Shop at 40% Off Retail

As a Member, enjoy an incredible 40% discount on everything in store. Pamper yourself or use it to become the best gift-giver ever!

  • Earn Extra Income!

Your friends WILL notice your ClaudiaG items and ask where to get them...
Use your exclusive Member's pricing to earn some extra income!

  • Access to the Members Vault

Shop select designs at a whopping 70% OFF! But don't worry, we'll let you know when new products make it to the Vault. First come.. first serve :)

  • 1st Dibs on New Releases

ClaudiaG designs are limited editions and Members get to see them first!

The ClaudiaG Membership Story

Hi!- I'm ClaudiaG. And my life changed just 2 short years ago...

After 7 years of building ClaudiaG Collection from scratch and pouring my heart and soul into it, only days away from launching our breakthrough Fall 2017 collection, Hurricane Harvey hit Houston and took everything away. Yes, not only my business but my home too. Suddenly, all I had worked so hard for was lost. I had nothing, which -to say the least- stopped me in my tracks and almost put me into a depression (but that was not God's plan...).

But then, in the aftermath, something amazing happened...

I received an overwhelming outpouring of support from friends, family and even strangers who rallied together to lift me up -from helping cover some of my family's basic needs at the time, to brainstorming new opportunities and pushing me to keep my business going even though I had almost nothing to sell. These blessings confirmed my calling and responsibility to not give up and keep going even if it meant starting from scratch!

Realizing that I had so much support around me, it became crystal clear that I needed to rebuild the business. But getting tons of new inventory was not an option, so I created a fabulous monthly subscription box that allows our members early access to the latest designs and unlimited shopping at wholesale prices! I figured this would help our entrepreneurial members make a solid profit reselling the products or simply allow them to become the best gift-givers ever! And that’s how the ClaudiaG Membership was born.

With the ClaudiaG Membership in place, new designs become a reality as I go all out to delight our Members with exclusive pieces in their BOX every single month!

Thanks for checking out the ClaudiaG Membership today. I hope you join us in sharing the fun, fashion and rewards of this amazing journey!


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Sharing The Love...

Customer image

Diane Coffey


I just love everything about the ClaudiaG Collection! The handbags are beautifully crafted and come in gorgeous color combinations--they're trendy and fashionable!! I also have many of the brand's jewelry and scarves and always get compliments whenever I wear them. 

Customer image

Micheal Kastan


I have been a long time customer of ClaudiaG and the collection is the best ever!!! I always get so many compliments on the handbags and jewelry!!!

Customer image

Sherry Cousins


Love Claudia's bags and accessories! She has amazing pieces and great color palettes. I never have to guess about a purchase, I'm so impressed with the quality of the items. Every one is special.