Ear Cuffs

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ClaudiaG Max Ear Cuffs

Max EarCuffs

Gold plated ear cuffs covered in colorful rhinestones. Wear just one or stack'em up. Sold individually. Length: 0.83", Height: 0.79"
ClaudiaG Mara Ear Cuffs

Mara Ear Cuffs

Get ready to turn heads with these fashion statement Mara Ear Cuffs! Talk about modern marvels! These babies feature exaggerated lines that dance across your ear like bolts of lightning!...
ClaudiaG Dee EarCuff

Dee Ear Cuff

This ear cuff features a round-shaped fresh water pearls on shiny gold plating. Sold individually.Inside diameter: 0.4". Outside diameter: 0.11". Weight: .05 oz.
ClaudiaG Tia Ear-Cuff

Tia Ear-Cuff

Tia is a delicate ear cuff featuring rows of gold in various textures, rhinestones and freshwater pearls.Inside diameter: .45". Width: .55". Weight: .10 oz.Materials:Gold Plated ZincCrystalsFreshwater PearlsCare Instructions:Avoid contact with...
ClaudiaG Pearl Drop Ear Cuffs -Set of 2-

Pearl Drop Ear-Cuffs -Set of 2-

Very delicate ear cuff featuring a round-shaped fresh water pearls on shiny gold plating.Set of 2. Inside diameter: 0.45"
ClaudiaG Erin EarCuff

Erin EarCuff

This ear cuff features two rows of rhinestones on shiny gold plating. Sold individuallyInside diameter: .40". Width: .11". Weight: .05 oz.
ClaudiaG Fatima Ear Cuff

Fatima Ear Cuff

Dive into style with these color dripping Fatima Ear Cuffs in the trendiest colors of the season! Made through a combination of painting, enameling, and resin techniques, these ear cuffs...
ClaudiaG Taylor Ear Cuffs

Taylor Ear Cuffs

BAM! Unleash the night sky with these irregular no-pierced Taylor Cuffs! These aren't your everyday earrings, folks ‚¬š ¬ €š¬Å€œ they're ear cuffs, with the raddest starry star design! No...
ClaudiaG Anton Ear Cuff Set

Anton Ear Cuff Set

Introducing the Anton Ear Cuff Set- the ultimate no-commitment bling! Who needs piercings when you can just clip on the cool? This little gems are like a hug for your...
ClaudiaG Perry Ear Cuff Large

Perry Ear Cuff Large

Oh. Em. Gee! Get ready to dazzle with the Perry Brass Plated 18K Gold spherical ear cuffs! These lil ‚¬š ¬ ‚¬ž ¢ globes of joy are the epitome of...
ClaudiaG Tamara Ear Cuffs

Tamara Ear Cuffs

Introducing our 18K Gold Tamara Ear Cuff - the perfect blend of sophistication and style! Made from high-quality stainless steel and finished with an 18K real gold plating, these ear...
ClaudiaG Tommy Ear Cuffs

Tommy Ear Cuffs

Ready to level-up your ear bling? Meet the simple alloy gold-Plated Tommy Ear Cuffs. These aren ‚¬š ¬ ‚¬ž ¢t just ear clips; they ‚¬š ¬ ‚¬ž ¢re your ticket...
ClaudiaG Dedee Ear Cuff

Dedee Ear Cuff

Take a peek at the double delight - simple and versatile double-Layer Ear Clip! With a chic cross U-shape and double C's hugging your ear, this non-pierced jewel is an...
ClaudiaG Lily Ear Cuffs

Lily Ear Cuffs

Let me unveil the dazzling 18K Gold Stainless Steel C-Shaped Lily Ear Cuffs! Picture this: a thick cylindrical design adorned with mesmerizing fish scale patterns, crafted from durable stainless steel...
ClaudiaG Amber Ear Cuff

Amber Ear Cuff

Color Splash Alert! Meet the drip oil painted Amber Ear Cuffs ‚¬š ¬ €š¬Å€œ the ultimate ear candy in living color! Made with a fluid, dripping effect, perfect for the...
ClaudiaG Perry Ear Cuff Small

Perry Ear Cuff Small

Oh. Em. Gee! Get ready to dazzle with the Perry Brass Plated 18K Gold spherical ear cuffs! These lil ‚¬š ¬ ‚¬ž ¢ globes of joy are the epitome of...
ClaudiaG Cory EarCuff

Cory EarCuff

Gold plated ear cuffs with geometric design in colorful rhinestones. Wear just one or stack'em up. Sold individually.Length: 0.3", Height: 0.7"
ClaudiaG Tim Ear Cuff

Tila Ear Cuff

Whoosh! Feel that? That's the cool breeze of fashion coming your way with the Timmy Ear Cuffs coming to you in a set of silver and gold metal colors. These...
ClaudiaG Dolly Ear Cuff

Dolly Ear Cuff

Check out these ultra-cool Dolly Ear Cuffs that are all the rage! Made with polished metal, these ear bone clips are a dream for both men and women. Think punk...
ClaudiaG Evy Ear Cuff

Evy Ear Cuff

Who needs ear holes when you ‚¬š ¬ ‚¬ž ¢ve got ear cuffs that radiate with glamour? Featuring cool round beads in triple tiers, and made of .925 Sterling Silver...
ClaudiaG Mel Ear Cuffs

Mel Ear Cuffs

Get ready to elevate your style with the popular set of two, different size-Mel Ear Cuffs! These retro-inspired, simple, and fashion-forward C-shaped alloy earrings are the perfect accessory to complete...
ClaudiaG Dann Ear Cuff

Dann Ear Cuff

Get ready to rule the style scene with these geometric cuffs! These stunners, designed for the ladies, are a show-stopper with its three-dimensional geometric magic. No ear holes? No worries!...
ClaudiaG Adele Cuff

Adele Ear Cuff Set

Like a new twist on an old favorite, the Adele Ear Cuff Set features an irregular arrangement of round Cubic Zirconia that will attract all eyes. Hand-crafted using 18K gold...