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Spotlight: CASA BARCO
CASA BARCO is a a non-profit foundation committed to children and adolescents in Colombia since 2010. They provide artistic training to children and adolescents in need, in the four basic areas of art, theater, dance, and music and visual arts, in order to encourage all types of cultural and artistic expression.
They are located in Valledupar, which is the second city in the country with the highest unemployment rate, and among the five poorest in Colombia.

CASA BARCO understands that the immediate future of our society is children and adolescents. Taking care of them, providing opportunities and peaceful spaces for their personal development and skills is a work of integral prevention that will help them boost self-confidence and become “change makers” for their family and social nucleus. 


Giving back is our core value at ClaudiaG.

A portion of EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT sold is committed to organizations that provide children and women with access to health care, education, nutrition and hope for a bright future. 
Giving back isn’t just a byproduct of a successful business, it's our very reason for being.
The CASA BARCO Mompreneur Project
A brilliant Casa Barco initiative designed to introduce their students' mothers to the art of sewing and help them hone their skills to craft pieces designed by their own children, infusing each crafted item with a personal touch and a sense of pride. In doing so, Casa Barco not only fortifies the relationship between mothers and their children but also creates an opportunity to generate supplementary income. 
This initiative embodies Casa Barco's dedication to comprehensive development and societal responsibility.
  Featured Products by CASA BARCO  
Designed by kids and handcrafted by their talented mothers. 100% of the sale of these products goes back to Casa Barco to support their mission. Your purchase goes a long way! Thank you.
At Casa Barco we invest in mental, physical and emotional health, as well as in education in values and artistic training as an approach to heal childhood wounds from living in extreme poverty.