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ClaudiaG Annie Earrings -Small

Annie Earrings -Small

Post back tortoise shell print resin hoops. Not too big, not too small and so light weight you'll forget you're wearing earrings.Outside Diameter: 1.5"
ClaudiaG Elongated Tamara Earrings

Elongated Tamara Earrings

Inspired by our beloved Tamara Earrings, these elongated wonders are like the chic Parisian sister that's just returned from a world tour. Envision the classic Tamara design, but imagine them...
ClaudiaG Tammy Earrings

Tammy Earrings

Feast your eyes on these Small but Oh-So-Trendy Huggies, meticulously oil-painted in a dreamy white and crowned with a sparkling CZ stone at the center! But the magic doesn't stop...
ClaudiaG Star Earrings

Star Huggie Earrings

Introducing our new pair of huggies, accented with bright stars! These snug-fitting hoops are like a celestial hug for your ears. With their thick design and starry accents, they're here...
ClaudiaG Turn Earrings

Turn Hoop Earrings

Twist & Turn Into Style with this new pair! These hoops aren't your ordinary circles- they come with an edgy twist that's bound to turn heads. With their unique design,...
ClaudiaG Stanley Earrings

Stanley Earrings

Strike with Elegance with our delicate, lightweight Stanley Earrings! Elevate your style to new heights with these feather-light treasures that effortlessly combine grace and geometry. The shimmering gold-plating catches the...
ClaudiaG Turn Earrings

Leticia Hoop Earrings

Say hello to our glossy, oval, thick yet delicate Leticia Earrings! A stunning blend of retro vibes and modern chic, these earrings are your ticket to instant glam. With their...
ClaudiaG Twist Ear Cuffs

Twist Earrings

Dive into the world of unique fashion with our Twist Earrings. Sporting an unconventional shape, these earrings are not just an accessory, they're a conversation starter. With their twisted coil...
ClaudiaG Tmmy Earrings

Timmy Earrings

Presenting our oil drip Timmy Earrings with color plaid patterns - the epitome of chic elegance with a playful twist! These stunning huggies feature dazzling oil drip shapes, encapsulating a...
ClaudiaG Stacy Earrings

Stacy Earrings -Large

Expertly crafted and with a lot of personality, the Stacy Earrings boast a unique c-shape with an enthralling twist design, perfect for making a bold statement. Gold-plated with love and...
ClaudiaG Troy Earrings

Troy Earrings

Meet Troy, the talk of the town. These ear buckle oval earring are the shining stars of accessories! Crafted from a blend of 304 stainless steel and titanium, these glossy...
ClaudiaG Tara Earrings

Tara Earrings

Elevate Your Ears with Popping Titanium Steel Tara Huggies! Unleash the charm with these lightweight, ultra-durable stackable huggies in three tantalizing metal colors - classic silver, romantic rose gold, and...
ClaudiaG Tora Earrings

Tora Earrings

Discover your sparkle with our stainless steel Tora Huggies! These dainty hoops are made to impress, boasting a lustrous three-layer gold plating and flawless precision polishing. Crafted with impeccable attention...
ClaudiaG Trio Earring Stack

Trio Earring Stack

Trilogy of Chic Alert: The Tammy, Trevor and Mia as a set. Together, these three  pairs create a symphony of style that's ready for any occasion. Time to create your...
ClaudiaG Trevor Earrings

Trevor Earrings

Imagine twinkling stars in a hoop, that's what the CZ stones look like on the Trevor Earrings. They're dazzling and oh-so-glam! And then, let your eyes wander to the oil...
ClaudiaG Mia Earrings

Mia Earrings

Art Meets Elegance Alert! Introducing the modern Mia Earrings made with the exquisite oil painting technique in WHITE! These babies are like little canvases for your ears! But wait, there's...
ClaudiaG Anton Ear Cuff Set

Anton Ear Cuff Set

Introducing the Anton Ear Cuff Set- the ultimate no-commitment bling! Who needs piercings when you can just clip on the cool? This little gems are like a hug for your...
ClaudiaG Amber Ear Cuff

Amber Ear Cuff

Color Splash Alert! Meet the drip oil painted Amber Ear Cuffs ‚¬š ¬ €š¬Å€œ the ultimate ear candy in living color! Made with a fluid, dripping effect, perfect for the...
ClaudiaG Fatima Ear Cuff

Fatima Ear Cuff

Dive into style with these color dripping Fatima Ear Cuffs in the trendiest colors of the season! Made through a combination of painting, enameling, and resin techniques, these ear cuffs...
ClaudiaG Mara Ear Cuffs

Mara Ear Cuffs

Get ready to turn heads with these fashion statement Mara Ear Cuffs! Talk about modern marvels! These babies feature exaggerated lines that dance across your ear like bolts of lightning!...
ClaudiaG Aty Earrings

Aty Earrings

Pucker up, darlings! With double-layer chain tassel, the Aty Earrings are here to steal your heart (and everyone else's)! Pair them with your favorite ear cuffs and you've created not...
ClaudiaG Taylor Ear Cuffs

Taylor Ear Cuffs

BAM! Unleash the night sky with these irregular no-pierced Taylor Cuffs! These aren't your everyday earrings, folks ‚¬š ¬ €š¬Å€œ they're ear cuffs, with the raddest starry star design! No...
ClaudiaG Tommy Ear Cuffs

Tommy Ear Cuffs

Ready to level-up your ear bling? Meet the simple alloy gold-Plated Tommy Ear Cuffs. These aren ‚¬š ¬ ‚¬ž ¢t just ear clips; they ‚¬š ¬ ‚¬ž ¢re your ticket...
ClaudiaG Tim Ear Cuff

Tila Ear Cuff

Whoosh! Feel that? That's the cool breeze of fashion coming your way with the Timmy Ear Cuffs coming to you in a set of silver and gold metal colors. These...