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We're soooo excited you're here. For the BEST ClaudiaG shopping experience, follow these simple steps and you'll be on your way to amazing deals and LIVE shopping experiences you can't find anywhere else.

STEP 1 - To set up your account just download our FREE ClaudiaG App from the App Store or Google Play.

STEP 2 - Follow the directions to easily register and shop all our collections instantly!

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Once you have created your account you will get a custom Referral Code to give to friends and family so they can also shop the App. And for every person who uses your referral code, you will receive a referral credit of $10 to your account!

Easy- just go to your App and click on Account > Share & Earn Credit... and share your code with friends & family any way you want!

Please don't post your referral code on any of our Posts or Lives- but you may share them in your own page and caption it with your code :)


On the ClaudiaG APP: Simply click on the banner listing the product and select color and/or size. Easy! The item will be reserved and added to your cart.

On Facebook: All you need to do is COMMENT.
Comment Sold and the Item Number and Size or Color you would like followed by a space between each on the live. Only claim one item at a time.

Example: sold 101

And if size and/or color are required: sold 101 small blue

The item will be reserved and added to your cart.


Items that you put in your cart won't last so check out QUICK! We will hold items in your cart for 1 hour and then the cart will expire and the item will be available for other shoppers. We will send you a reminder that you have items in your cart but be sure to check out QUICK before they are released.


The Waitlist is when you go to check out with an item and it is sold out you can add it to your waitlist so that way you can be notified when that item is back in stock.

An Authorized Waitlist is when you are placed at the front of the waitlist once something is back in stock or dropped from someone’s cart it will go to yours first! Once you have authorized an item you won't be charged for it until that item becomes available to you, then the item will be shipped to you instantly!


All coupon and discount codes will be announced on our Lives and Facebook page. The type of Sale is what determines the time and items the coupon or discount applies to. Only one coupon per purchase is allowed, just apply the coupon or discount code at check out & Happy Shopping!